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Volunteers change the lives of thousands of people every year. Find out how and why Takatof started and how we work to make a difference.

The Emirates Foundation for Youth Development

Takatof was established by The Emirates Foundation in 2007 to raise awareness of those in need in our communities and to empower and encourage young people to take part in voluntary work to help them.



We support the idea of volunteering as a way of life. We promote the benefits to the nation as a whole and work to encourage volunteering as part of UAE culture.



Takatof works to encourage and empower people to take part in voluntary service across the UAE.
Through our varied programmes we train, support and connect volunteers to deliver positive change and improve the quality of life within our communities.


Promoting volunteering

We promote participation by all people and particularly young people as volunteers.


Strategic initiatives

We seek collaborative opportunities to involve volunteers in meeting local needs.


Building capacity

We develop and deliver training and support for volunteers, agencies and individuals through a variety of opportunities.


Connecting people

We work as a volunteer network, connecting people with relevant volunteer opportunities.


Core Values

Takatof's core values are at the heart of everything we do.


We embrace:

  • Commitment to social responsibility and public service
  • Adherence to strict integrity and ethics
  • Involvement in the community

For more information on some of our projects visit Our Projects section here.