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In the five years since our creation we’ve established and developed relationships with a wide range of organisations and communities who need volunteers to support their work. Find out more about some of our work.

Find out more about some of our work and opportunities here.

Community Projects - Environment

Takatof Environment projects aim to spread awareness and build an environment-conscious culture among UAE youth through engaging them in environmental projects.


Community Projects - Makeover

Takatof Makeover projects provide UAE youth with an opportunity to help maintain and renovate community centers and homes of underprivileged families with an aim of enhancing their quality of life.


Ramadan Projects

Takatof Ramadan projects spread the value of social responsibility through volunteering and engage UAE youth in community projects during the Holy month of giving. The projects provide volunteers with different opportunities to give back to the community and in particular to children, elderly and underprivileged low-income families in the UAE.


Volunteer Essentials Certificate

The Takatof Volunteer Essentials Certificate (TVEC) is the first of its kind accredited volunteer training program that aims to introduce youth to the essential pillars of volunteering. It offers training in eight modules (in-class and participating in a volunteering project). A range of specialist skill development training workshops are offered to UAE youth to enhance their volunteering capacities.


Volunteer Mentoring Project

This is a new initiative aimed at encouraging and motivating Emirati youth through the shared knowledge and experience of senior community mentors, who have made positive contributions to society. Through its educational and inspiring setting, the aim is to enhance the volunteering experience of Takatof members, building their awareness of community needs and sharpening their skill-sets. By connecting UAE youth to positive role models, we aim to establish a proactive platform for youth to be engaged and be inclusive in supporting the community. It promotes a lifestyle where community service is the norm, while simultaneously providing opportunities for senior members of society to give back to the community.


International Projects

Takatof international projects promote the essence of volunteering for UAE youth beyond UAE’s borders. The objectives are to build a sustainable impact for communities visited, create a cultural exchange between volunteers & host countries, provide an opportunity to gain new international volunteering experiences, advance as UAE cultural ambassadors and establish a new awareness of global poverty and population challenges.