بطاقات تكاتف التطوعية
volunteer id cards



1. What is Takatof?

Takatof mobilizes people and resources across the nation to find creative and sustainable solutions for proven community needs. Takatof particularly offers young people meaningful opportunities to volunteer for humanitarian, social and community programs.


2. What are the main values behind volunteering?

You will:

  • Provide more personal attention to the needs of others
  • Help an organization be more responsive to the needs and interests of the community that they serve
  • Participate in opportunities for educational and social volunteering activities that would not be possible otherwise
  • Build a better understanding of your community

3. Why should I volunteer? Because you can:

  • Gain valuable life experiences and skills that will serve you for the rest of your life
  • Help those in need
  • Give back to your community and the UAE
  • Help to solve social problems
  • Learn more about an activity that interests you
  • Use your special skills
  • Use the volunteer experience to build your CV
  • Meet Interesting People
  • Make new friends

4. Where can I volunteer with Takatof?

  • In social service centers
  • Universities
  • Sports and social clubs
  • National campaigns
  • Corporate Organizations

5. Will men and women be working together?

Yes, in most volunteering activities.


6. Will I be provided training for the position?

Takatof will provide "core" volunteer training to help you be a more effective volunteer. You will be provided with workshops, specialized training sessions, and you might receive "on the job" training.


7. How do I begin?

You can register as a volunteer by completing a Join Now Form at After that, you will begin the process towards the wonderful world of being a volunteer.


8. Do I get a certificate at the completion of each volunteering activity?

Yes, certificates are generally provided to volunteers.


9. Do I get money at the completion of each volunteering activity?

No, You can’t get money. As you are giving back to your UAE community which is of a high value, you will attain precious life knowledge and skills that will constantly enhance your life and career development.


10. Do you provide Leave letters during our participation in any Takatof volunteering activities?

Takatof provides volunteer Leave letters only for selected major events and activities.


11. Can Takatof arrange transportation for volunteers?

No, Takatof cannot provide transportation to volunteers.


12. Why volunteer abroad?

Volunteering at an international experience can help gain personal benefits as well as enhance career prospects. Not only do volunteers increase their skill base, work experience and international contacts through volunteering, employees often look favorably upon those that are willing to go outside of their comfort zone and give up their time to assist others.
Be part of supporting and achieving Takatof’s goals and ensuring that international projects are sustainable and effective!


13. Do I need specific skills or qualifications to volunteer?

Generally the only requirement for volunteers is to be fluent in Arabic and sometimes in English. However, there are other requirements based on each opportunity.


14. Why do I have to register as a Takatof Volunteer member before a volunteering opportunity?

Volunteer registration allows Takatof to verify the validity of a volunteer's contact information. Registration also offers volunteers access to their own registered activities and volunteering hours as well as access to the number of Takatof opportunities available.
In order to express interest in a volunteer opportunity, we encourage everyone to register before any activity. It will help ensure the accurate and reliable information when entering volunteering hours and training hours for every Takatof registered volunteer.


15. Who can access my Personal Information on Takatof Database?

It is Takatof’s primary concern to safeguard your personal information. Your registration information will never be shared, and will only be used to communicate with you and for other accreditation requirements.


16. Do you provide any financial support?

Takatof is unable to provide any financial assistance.